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Writing a Good Summary of Article

Writing the summary of article is one of the best skills to possess in English, as it can be used in most and across industries. At one point or another, you will be asked to writing a summary by your manager, professor or business partners. In any case, learning how to summarize may be what you are looking for, and below are tips on how you can get started.

Learn What a Summary of an Article Is

First of all, you should know that this summary is condensed, shorter version of the original article, and by saying that you should understand a summary is not a rewrite version of the original article. Therefore, it does not have to be long or the same as with the length of the source. It is the representation of the ideas and details of what you have read.  Your main purpose is to give the readers a glimpse of what the article about without them having to go over the entire piece. You should be able to tell them what the author wants to communicate using your own words, and without taking the main idea of the summary of an article. If you also need an expert advice on short story summary, we are ready to provide you with.

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Focus While Reading for Best Summary of Article

Concentrate and focus on what the main idea of the piece is, and think of the common questions used, including who, what, when, where, why and how. These will help you come across and jot down relevant details of what you are reading. You can use these questions when examining what you’re reading. Jot down notes and important keywords when writing the summary so that you can have a ready reference later.

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Find the Main Idea for Summary Article

summary of articleSometimes you can find the main topic or idea in the first paragraph or introduction while supporting ideas can be found in the following paragraphs. When reading the first paragraph of the article, you should be able to spot the thesis statement so that you will be able to write your summary. Find the central idea of the article and focus your summary in there. You should also pay attention to the headings and title as well as the opening and closing lines of the paragraphs.

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Write the Summary of Article

Keep your summary short but concise. It does not have to include all the details you have found or spotted from the original piece, but this summary should be short but clear enough to be understood by your readers, without them having to go over the entire article themselves. When summarizing, you don’t simply look up for synonyms of the words, but you have to be able to understand what you are writing to be able to write based on your understanding.

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Proofread and Edit Summary of an Article

Never send it without reading, proofreading and editing to omit errors and improve the flow and content. If you need extra eyes, ask someone else reading it before you make the final copy for submission.

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