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Who would have thought that a summarization tool that you have can be this efficient. I was overwhelmed by the results of it. The end product from the summarize tool was so neat and so precise.

Paraphrasing vs Summarizing: What Is More Suitable for You?

Paraphrasing and Summarizing: The Differences

here is a world of confusion about the differences between summarizing and paraphrasing.  Many services make no distinction between them, but it’s one of the main reasons for customer dissatisfaction with their services.  When you fail to make the distinction betwixt these two types, all sorts of problems crop up in your service’s output.

Such services need to be approached with a very specific mindset to produce a focused, useful product that the customer will value and appreciate. Summarizing vs paraphrasing and similar techniques require a keen eye and attention to detail, but even those qualities are insufficient when you aren’t listening to the customer’s needs.  Learn how to do it better than ever by understanding the distinctions between these processes.

More About Our Services

Many clients who want something summarized do not actually want it paraphrased.  It’s okay to use the same words that were used in the original, so long as it isn’t as long and represents the original ideas in a way that makes sense.  They need the same ideas written in fewer words, and that’s what we give them.  Writing artful summaries is a valuable skill and can save you valuable time every day as the chaff is cut from your communications.

Paraphrased work, however, doesn’t need to be shorter.  It just needs to be written with different words.  This is the key difference betwixt them; many services don’t understand this, but we do and that’s one of our strengths. Unique work that expresses a core idea with new words is at the heart of the content, and being able to write paraphrased work without sounding derivative is also a valuable skill.

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