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Summary Of Poems

Poetry is intimidating to some people for some reasons and when you are assigned to make a summary about poems, you should learn the right way about the author’s style, intent and what theme they have or using. It is important to know about it so that you can write a good poem summary.

Guidelines on How to Summarize a Poem

  • Before you begin to summarize a story, you need to read the poem multiple times. It is better when you read it many times to get its meaning. You will have an easy understanding about the poem when you read it aloud. When you hear the words, it helps you to identify rhyming words, repeating phrases or similar sounds.
  • Make sure to make a note of occurrences. You need to examine the poem and know where the line breaks occur. It is necessary that you get the theme of the poem so that you will not have a hard time in understanding the poem.
  • One of the important things in having a successful summary of poem is by identifying the type and meter of it. When it comes to type of poem, it is about the style and structure. For the meter of poem, it is about the pattern of words.
  • Check for words that you do not understand like phrases and words that are written in another language. If necessary, you can rearrange the sentences to make it better. In your summary, your goal is to provide the literal meaning of the poem to your readers.
  • You need to examine the poem for symbolism. Look for simile or metaphor and think why the author use those words. You need to fully understand the poem.
  • Identify also the person or speaker they’re addressing. You need to know about speaker’s personality, intent and background. Discuss also about the setting of the text.
  • Discuss how the title relates to the poem.
  • End your summary with thoughts about the meaning and theme of the poem.

Summary of poems is not an easy task because you need to fully understand what the text is. You need to know the meaning as well as the theme. The time you understand the poem, online summarizing would be an easy task for you.