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Steps in Summarizing Text

Have you ever encountered the hardship in writing a summary from a pile of articles? Summary writing is now considered as a skill. Writing a shortened form of a bigger article is not easy. This is not just a rewrite of the original subject. That’s why a lot of people ask themselves about how to write a summary of a movie because it is also not an easy task.

Summarizing Text in English

In writing, you have to bear in mind that you have to separate the significant thoughts in the text, how to disregard irrelevant ideas and how to incorporate the main ideas together to make a meaningful sentence. More often than not, many activities require you to summarize a text in English. The most academic institution would require you to do this, including office works.

Steps in summarizing a text:

1. Start by reading the text

2. Follow this framework of questions

  • What are the main ideas of the article
  • What details are needed to support the main idea
  • What are the relevant and irrelevant ideas

3. You are now ready to write the article

These are the steps in summarizing a text in English but no worries because today life has been made easier by internet enthusiast who created what we call text summarization software or it will even help you to summarize clipart. Many people are using this today; text summarization software has enabled them to make a summary of the articles without even losing the important details of the text.

The interest in using text summarization software has increased due to surplus information and we could say that because some people are always trying to beat the deadline and are sometimes lazy in writing. This software is just one click away so accessibility issues are not really a problem.

Commonly, there are two methodologies in automatic summarization these are extraction and abstraction. The extractive approach is choosing the subclass of phrases, words, and sentences in order to form the summary.  On the other hand, the abstractive approach makes an internal semantic symbol and uses the usual language generation methods to form a summary that is nearer to what a human might produce. The word used might not be found in the original text.

In the end, it is still up to the person who writes whether he or she will use the traditional way of writing or utilize the Internet-driven way in summarizing a text.

 Summarizing text with us can be much easier, let us help you today!