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Writing Summary That Exceeds Your Expectations

An executive summary provides concise information to readers on what they should learn and know about. It covers all details wherein the main purpose is to sell and not to describe. In fact, it is the initial face to potential investor that is why it is needed to create the best paper because it is the first impression.

Components in Writing Summary

In writing a summary, you will not much have a hard time because you only need to get the main points of the story and support it with relevant information but when you are writing executive summary, here are things you need to learn.

Writing a Summary is to Grab the Attention of Readers

You need to start writing executive summary that is compelling and you need to set the best tone for your summary. Using concise statement is advisable and the best solution but is sure that it is specific and direct for it to become attention grabbing. You should avoid your paper to be conceptual and abstract.

Make sure your executive summary is attention grabbing!

Writing Executive Summary: Provide for the Solution of the Problem

You need to make it clear that there is a big problem you need to solve out there that is why you need to offer solutions. Since there are enormous opportunity and pain out there, what you need is to increase the revenues, increase speed, reduce costs, eliminate efficiency, expand reach and increase effectiveness.

Start providing for the solution now!

Writing Summary: Few More Sentences

You need to provide more sentences in providing the basic size, segmentation, dynamics and growth. You need to present information that are necessary to be part of the summary such as how many dollars, what’s the riving segment, how fast the growth and others. Also, do not claim that you are targeting 24 billion dollars well in fact you can only target 87 million dollars.

Include more sentences to elaborate!

State Your Competitive Advantage in Writing Executive summary

In writing summary, you need to present your competitive advantage and you need to state it clearly. You need to provide about your advantage in two to three sentences. Make sure that you impress the investor or else you failed to convince them.

Start providing your competitive advantage now!

Avoid Broad Statements in Writing Summary

Do not forget that you need to avoid using broad statements especially when you are writing a summary essay. If you want to get investors, you need to be direct and specific all the time. Keep in mind that market size does not matter but rather compelling pain. You need to think what statements or information you include in your summary and make sure it is relevant. Get rid of details that will not help you in impressing the investors or believe that you are not worthy enough. Be concise as much as possible and always straight to the point. Never add information that will ruin your purpose.

Never use broad statements in writing executive summary! That’s it for now but we’ve got way more tips for writing summary.

So if you need professional help in writing summary, feel free to contact our experts!