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Writing a Summary of an Article That Impresses

Tips in Writing a Summary of an Article

It is easy to write a summary of an article especially if you are experts but if you are not, you should not worry because there are tips that will help and guide you all the time. Knowing the best tips will help you to avoid frustrations and stressed.

Writing an Article Summary is to Read and Understand the Text

Never forget that your stepping stone in order to have a successful summary of an article or a book is to read and fully understand it. You need to know what you are asked to write about. It is important that you should not start writing a summary of an article when you still do not get the main ideas or you still do not understand what it is all about. If you start writing and just take information from the book, you can never make a good summary.

Start reading and understand the article now!

Identify the Most Important Details in Writing a Summary of a Book

It is necessary that you get the main ideas or identify what is the most important information that will support the main ideas. When you get a touch on what the article is all about, you can get started writing or getting the relevant details. It is better when you write in your own words when writing a summary of a book but do not change the meaning or add any other information.

Begin identifying the most important details now!

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Review the Material in Writing an Article Summary

The time you are done identifying the best points, you need to think if you gather all what you need for summarizing. If there are words that you do not understand, use a dictionary or any context clues in finding out the meaning of that important words that you have written.

Start to review the information you have written in your paper now!

Have Your own Thesis Statement in Writing a Summary of an Article

Thesis statement is important in summarizing. You can have one to two sentences in here. After that, it is your basis to create the body of your paper. Take note that the thesis statement should mention the meaning of the article and not just superficial details. If you do not have thesis statement, your summary will be useless especially if you are writing a summary of an article because you do not have any basis. You are just writing summary but you do not have a focus and the readers will not understand the paper that is why you should first think what statement you must have before you start writing.

Think first of your thesis statement before writing!

Organize and Outline Ideas in Writing Summary of a Book

Having an organize ideas is nice to read. With this, you need to write the essential information you will need to include in your summary. Make sure that it is written in logical order and your summary should be third of the length of the original text.

Start organizing and outlining the main ideas of the book today!  If you do not want to waste time, try our online summary tool now.

And if you need assistance when writing a summary of an article, feel free to contact our team!