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Writing a Good Executive Summary. Get Ready for Positive Feedback

Tips in Writing Good Executive Summary

An effective executive summary is your key to become successful and it is your chance in getting the attention of your readers. If you are having doubts if you are doing the right thing in writing a summary, here are tips you should know to set yourself apart from others.

Writing a Good Executive Summary: Introduce Yourself

In writing an executive summary, you must introduce yourself, your business as well as your product. Regardless, this is not the only thing that you should know because in an executive summary, the purpose is to deliver a hard sell which means you need to convince your reader that you are the right person and they could trust you.

Start introducing yourself now!

Writing a Executive Summary: Include Everything

In writing a effective executive summary, it is important that you include the business name, the location, the purpose of your plan and the service or products you are selling. In the first paragraph, it is an introduction of you and  your business plan. In the second paragraph, it must highlight essential points like profits, projected sales, profitability and unit sales. It is better when you include a chart, bar chart, gross margins and anything that will prove your claims. You can also cite and explain the number included in your text.

Start including everything in your executive summary!

writing a good executive summary

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Writing an Effective Executive Summary: Must be Persuasive

In writing the summary, you need to ensure that it is persuasive whether you are writing an investor ready business plan or standard business plan. If you are shopping around, your summary should be persuasive for the readers or for the prospective investor to keep on reading your paper. You need to convince them that they should invest with you and they are safe.

Ensure that you executive summary is persuasive!

Writing a Good Summary: Make it Clear

An executive summary does not need to be too formal because what important is that you include or you ensure that the purpose of your summary is clear and highlights all the things needed. You should not repeat the information that you have written to avoid redundancy, what you need to do is to ensure information is easy to understand and clear.

Make your summary clear!

Writing a Good Summary: Revise to Remove Errors

You can also revise your summary if you want to especially when it contains lots of mistakes. Making revisions is helpful when you think your summary contains information that is not needed. Aside from this, it is better when you read or proofread your paper. Revising and proofreading will help you to locate the errors or mistakes that you have committed when you are writing a professional summary. If you think your paper does not contain any mistakes, it is better when you read it again to be 100% sure. It is not bad when you check your paper multiple times because you have the chance to correct your mistakes.

Begin to revise and proofread your executive summary now! To be 100% sure you can also use our summarizing tools.

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