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Who would have thought that a summarization tool that has can be this efficient. I was overwhelmed by the results of it. The end product from the summarize tool was so neat and so precise.

Ben, USA

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Why Choosing Our Summarizer Tool

Why Use Our Summarizer Tool

Good writing cannot be rushed. When individuals such as students are required to write, to produce great writing, they must use valuable time to do some brainstorming, draft their material, do some more planning, and do another draft then a series of revisions. If the task is left until there is not much time left to complete it, there will be panic and searching for a quick and ‘easy’ way to get it done. Several times the outcome of this last-minute writing is plagiarism. This involves using another writer’s work in the form of answers, ideas and words without clearly acknowledging him or her and using proper citation. This should be avoided at all cost. This is why even after using our summarizer tool you are required to do a final check to ensure you are not using the work of someone else.

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The design of our summarizer tool takes into consideration that in writing, it is necessary to have the ability to recognize main points of research or readings. For summarizing stories, the main characters should be identified as well as the more important plot actions. This way you do not spend a lot of time as well as space writing about details that have no relevance. When doing the summary for an article, the author’s general major point or idea, should be identified. The next important thing to do is to arrange these points by using your own sentences and words. That is, no sentences should be copied from the original material. Our summarize tool online is designed to capture the points that are necessary and eliminate unnecessary information.

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There are several persons who do not find it easy to cut down the amount of words they are working with and still keep the material relevant. We provide you with online summarizing tool to help in such cases. You may also use the online summarizer tool if you are a busy person and need a summary fast.