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Tips On How To Write A Short Summary

A summary is always the first thing that will see by readers when they want to read a book or any kind of papers. Having a good summary gives you the chance to get the attention of readers. Readers will love to read the book if you have a good summary. To provide a wonderful summarizing help, read these tips on how to write a short summary.

Tips on How to Write Short Summary

  • Read the paper and make sure you fully understand it so that you can construct a wonderful summary.
  • Make an outline and be sure you can able to take notes about the major points.
  • Without looking at the paper, make your own first draft of summary.
  • It is important to use paraphrase when you are making a summary. If you need to copy a phrase from the original text, you need to make sure it is essential phrase and cannot truly be paraphrased. In that case, you need to use quotation marks.
  • In your first draft, be sure you target at least one fourth of the original text.

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Writing a Short Summary Features

  • To have a wonderful summary, you need to begin it with clear identification such as title, type of work, main points and author in present tense.
  • To make sure you covered all essential points, you need to check your outline to the original paper.
  • Avoid including your own opinions, interpretations and ideas in the summary. In summarizing, you need to be careful in choosing words you will use. You should not add any information that cannot be found in the paper. Yes, you should not add details but you can omit information you think it is not important.
  • Using summarizing language is important in reminding the reader that it is only a summary. To ensure the reader will know that it’s only a summary, you can use phrases like author suggests, article claims and others.
  • In the beginning of your summary, it is important to write a complete bibliographic citation that includes the title of the work, source and author. As much as possible, be sure to use the APA format.

There you have some tips to use in summarizing a paper, but you can also get help from the pros if you think you cannot do it yourself.