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Tips On How To Summarize A Book

In summarizing a book, you need to take note about its different chapters. You need to check its table of contents so that you will identify its main sections. Keep in mind that every main chapter presents one idea or argument and you need to take note of it. Here are best tips on how to summarize a book.

Best Tips to Summarize Books

  • Make sure to write down every chapter title of the book because it will serve as your topic in every segment of the book you will summarize.
  • In every chapter title you will list, you need to write down about the main ideas that correspond to every chapter. It is necessary to be direct and simple as much as possible. You need to avoid complex and lengthy sentences. Make sure you are always straight to the point because it helps you in getting rid of unnecessary words.
  • The chapter titles and the main ideas that you have listed will serve as your outline for your book summary. It is better when you pick necessary things and expand your sentence through elaborating the ideas.
  • The time you elaborate the outline, you need to get the primary argument and main thesis of the book. When you are done with it, you can use it as your introduction for your book summary. You need to include the editor, author as well as year of publication.
  • End your book summary by presenting main thesis of your book

To summarize a book, you should not include any opinions or ideas you have. Keep it only within yourself because what you are doing is summarizing algorithm and not reviewing a book. You should not criticize the book whether it is excellent or poorly written. You also need to include irrelevant ideas or else your summary will be a mess.

In having an exceptional book summary, it is important you know what you are doing. You need to be honest and don’t include any information that is not on the book. You should do your best in order to present a book summary that is clear, concise and easy to read.