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Tips on How to Simmarize a Story

The key to having a good summary is to understand and read the story. You need to spend time reading the book so that you get all the main ideas. If you do not get the main idea, then you will never have the chance at writing a magnificent summary of a story.

Tips on How to Summarize a Story

  • With the help of online article summarizer, you will find out what to discuss and identify the conflict, setting and the characters of the story. It is necessary that you should know about it or else you will not have a great summary of your own.
  • You also need to retell about important events of the plots such as resolutions, climax and complications. You need to retell the story using your own words except for quotations. If there is information that you can’t change, use quotation marks.
  • It is also essential that you able express the theme or the meaning of the story.
  • In order to have successful summary, you are required to read, think and understand the story. You need to review again the story so that you will know what it is all about. You can use a dictionary when you can’t figure out some terms or meaning of such words.
  • Taking notes is one of the things you should not forget. You need to write down essential events that occur in the story. Be sure that you will not leave any important information because it must be included in your summary.
  • Begin writing an introduction by stating the author and title of the story. You need to start describing the characters, conflict and setting.
  • To summarize a story, you also need to have paragraphs in the body. Re-narrate the story with your own words and be able to narrate an essential event in the story that includes the resolution and the climax. Make sure you have short sentences.
  • You also need to write a conclusion explaining how the conflict is being resolved.

There you go the best tips on how to summarize a story. Before you submit your summary, you need to edit and proofread it so that there are no mistakes. You need to satisfy your readers and you can do it when you have the summary.

So take your chance and find out how to summarize a story with the help of our highly qualified team!