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Text Summarization

Each teacher is providing their students with lessons on proper text summarization. In summarizing, there are different techniques that students can have. If you are having a hard time to summarize a text, these tips will give you enough knowledge on what you need to do.

Summarize Text the Proper Way

  • The easiest way in summarizing a text is by starting with factual paragraph. You are required to read thoroughly the paragraph and look for the meanings of words that you do not understand. After this, you need to start taking notes which include about pertinent details, main idea and author’s conclusion.
  • The time you have all the important elements in your notes, you can start writing a summary using your own words. Bear in mind that you should not inject any of your thoughts or opinions. What you need to do is to restate the text.
  • Before writing the first draft of your summary, you need to identify text argument. You need to know the argument in relation to the main point of the text. As much as possible, do your best in picking out any opposing viewpoints in the text.
  • There are three parts that you should not forget in writing a summary and  that is to have introduction, body and conclusion. These three parts help you in having a wonderful flow of summary about the text. Do not ever forget to have the three parts in writing a summary.

Understand The Text

There are many people who are just making a summary without understanding the text. Because of this, they cannot able to provide the right information to the audience. They make a big mistake which ruins their reputation so when you are assigned  to make a summary or you definitely need to write a summary, you need to completely understand the text before you begin writing a summary.

Ultimately, readers want to read a summary that gives them enough information on what they should expect and read about the text. It is somewhat tiring to make a summary of books but you need to do your best to satisfy your readers and yourself. Start to summarize a text when you know what you need to do.

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