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Short Summary

To make a good summary, it is necessary to understand the document whether it is an essay, articles or journal. If you need to make a summary, here is important steps in writing a short summary of your own that impress the readers.

Best Tips on How to Write a Short Summary

  • In making a short summary, you need to read the original paper and ensure that you fully understand what is the meaning of the text. You can’t move to the next step when you do not understand what the document is all about.
  • Sometimes you need to read between the lines because meaning is hidden from it. Between the lines, there are hidden details and you should check out on it so that you will definitely know the theme or meaning of the paper.
  • You need to know about important phrases and key words. If there are unfamiliar words that you do not know, you can rely with dictionary. You can also ask a help from someone else in helping you to know the meaning of that words or phrases.
  • As you are reading, begin to underline or highlight the main points of the paper. You can ignore irrelevant details, opinions or facts. It is required that you make notes about the important information. In most cases, you can use pictures or draw a diagram to help you understand the text.
  • You need to link the key points by using sentences or paragraphs. You can also include additional pictures if you want but it is optional as long as you presented a fantastic summary of the paper.
  • If the text is long, better to use headings and subheadings.
  • Before you submit, you need to read your draft to see if you don’t leave any important details. If needed, you can make amendments to make your summary better.

A summary should be easy to read and brief. It should contain all main points of the document by using different words. Yes, you are summarizing the text but you should summarize it with your own words and not the same with the original text.  Lastly, a summary should not contain any opinions or descriptions that do not support the paper.

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