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Secrets of Writing Text Summary

There are many secrets in having a wonderful text summary. If you do not have much knowledge on how to create an exceptional summary of an article, perhaps some tips will help you to know what you need to do and for you to have enough knowledge.

Tips for Text Summary

Summaries are the one that readers are looking for when they want to read long text. Of course, they want to get the main idea of the text and the content topic. With a great summary, they can able to understand what the text is all about. Here is what you need to do for your readers to be satisfied and happy.

  • Thoroughly read the text and be sure you understand it clearly.
  • Do not forget to make an outline and point out all major points.
  • After you read the text and make an outline, this is the time to write your first draft. You need to make your draft without looking at the text in order to make sure you will not copy the words. Take note that you are required to use new words.
  • Paraphrase to Summary of a Text
  • To summary of text, it is important to paraphrase. You need to use different words so that your summary is not the same with the original text or else it will be considered as plagiarism even though you make a summary of it without changing the words. If there are words that cannot be changed, you must need to use quotation marks but do this only when the phrase can’t absolutely be changed. If you have problems with it, try our auto summary tool online.

Moreover, always begin your summary with clear identification. You need to make sure your outline and compare it with the original text so that you will know if you have covered all necessary points and ideas that needed in your summary. In writing a summary, never put your own interpretations and opinions since you are not making a review instead you are writing a summary.

Overall, always use the right format if you are making a summary. This will allow your readers to follow your points. Before you submit, check about the flow of your summary and ensure it is clear and concise.