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Secrets of Writing a Good Novel Summary

Do you want to write a novel summary? If you have written a novel and you want to make a condensed version of it so that potential readers of it can understand what your novel is about without them reading the whole book, then you can help them by writing a summary of your content. On the other hand, you may also be asked of writing this novel summary for your class. To get started, here are some tips to use.

Good Novel Summary: What to Understand About It

A good novel summary is not as long as the novel itself, but this is the shortened form of it, allowing your readers to become versed about the message of the novel without them having to read the whole book. However, you should understand that this summary is not a rewrite or paraphrased version. Some people mistaken that writing the condensed or short form of the novel is just rewording or replacing the words with their synonyms. This is not the case for summaries; instead, this contains the main idea or gist of the whole novel. Therefore, it should be written based on what you have understood from the story.

Understand what novels summary is!

Take Time Reading before Writing Novels Summary

Before you start writing, you have to reread the novel so that you will be able to grab the main points presented in it. You will have to capture the most important details in the novel, but you don’t have to include all the chapters or sections of it. You will just have to get the most relevant, important details of the novel. Jot down important notes and keywords to be able to make these handy later.

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Begin with the Draft of the Novels Summary

novel summaryUpon reading the novel, you will have to make your first draft so that you can have an idea of what should be included and what should not be. You can start writing the draft of your novel and use the important details and other significant data you think have to be part of the novel summary.

Write the draft for the novel summary now!

Begin with the Final Copy of Your Novel Summary

From the draft, you can start writing the final copy of your summary. At this stage, you must be able to determine what the most important things from the draft you can use in writing the final copy of the summary. In this case, you can also consider omitting some of the sentences or words you have written in the draft. Reread the final copy. The summary should be a very short copy of the entire novel, but it has to be concise and clear enough to be understood by your readers.

Write the novels summary today!

Edit, Proofread and Check for the Novels Summary for the Last Time

Before submission, you should be able to check or spot for grammar, spelling and other mistakes in your news article summary. You can ask help from family and friends for second set of eyes to help you find the mistakes you cannot see.

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