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Secrets of a Good Academic Writing Summary

An academic summary tells about the main points of the main source or the source of the text. It is a condensed version of the original source material wherein it ranges from couple of sentences to create a shorter version.

Tips on Academic Writing Summary

In order to have a successful academic writing summary, here are the things to keep in mind. You need to ensure know about it to make a great summary that will be appealing and impressive. It is important that you know about these tips because it is your guide in writing a good summary. In addition, it serves as your basis when you do not know what you should do because you are having a hard time in writing about the best summary.

Identifies the Author in Writing a Summary Essay

Whether you are writing an academic summary or an essay, it is important that you identified the author. Usually it is placed in the first sentence wherein you will introduce some information such as “according to the author … in her book and you include other details”. In the beginning of your writing, you need to start acknowledging or telling that the information you present is not yours but it is owned by the author.

Start to identify the author today!

Give Credit to the Author in Writing Book Summary

It is important that you give credit to the author all throughout because the ideas you are presenting is not yours but the ideas of the author that is why you need to make use of words like “ the author states that” in order for the reader to know that the information you are presenting is not yours.

Do not forget to give credit to the author in writing a book summary!

Writing Book Summary: Broad Overview

You need to start your summary with a broad overview of the source you have. You can start it with two to three sentences which developed in more detail when you are in the body of your summary. You need to know what overview you need to present that will enlighten the readers to know what they must know about the book, about the essay or any other materials.

Start your summary with a broad overview today!

Writing a Summary Essay: Use Page References or Quotation Marks

Do not forget that you need to use quotation marks as well as page references in writing a summary. You need to use a complete sentence if it’s needed especially if its take directly from the source of the text. Also, you need to know how you will use the quotation marks properly so that it will present a good summary.

Make sure to include page references of quotation marks!

Present Accurate Reflection of Author’s Viewpoint in Academic Writing Summary

In writing the summary, you should not forget that you need to present an accurate reflection of the author so that the readers will know that the views you are presenting is not the ideas that came from you but it came from the author

Start presenting the reflection of author’s viewpoint today! To get inspired, review our great summary writing example.

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