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Look on Top 10 Summarizing Strategies

To have a successful summary, you need to know what things you need to consider. In writing a summary, you should present major argument and points of the paper. You will never make a wonderful summary if you just write and do not consider about important ideas.

Best Summarizing Techniques

  • Erase things that do not matter:  One of the summarization strategies you should not forget is to write down important points only. If the information will not help the reader in understanding what the paper is all about, then do not include it.
  • Get rid of things that repeat: As much as possible, remove details that are redundant. You are making a summary and you need to make it shorter. Repeating the information is not a good way and you must avoid it.
  • Focus on the big picture: There are words or sentences that hard to remember. If one word can provide you the meaning, so be it use the word than using a sentence. Bear in mind that less is more.
  • Topic sentence: You cannot begin your summary if you do not have a topic sentence because it is your basis and it is the one that you will put in the beginning of your sentence. It is required that you write down and select your topic sentence because it is the focus of your summary.
  • Pull out main ideas and leave those that are not necessary in your summary.
  • Focus only on the main details of the document. You should know what it tells or tackle so that you can inform it also to your readers who have an interest in reading that certain book, article, essay or journal.
  • Do not forget to use phrases and key words because it helps to present clear summary.
  • Always remember that a summary is shorter than the original text. In this case, you need to break down larger ideas into shorter one.
  • Write only enough information in conveying.
  • Take succinct and have complete notes.

Many people failed to make a wonderful summary but don’t worry because when you know about summarizing techniques, you will not make any mistakes anymore. Just be sure you fully understand what you will do.

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