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Learn About Summary Of An Article

A summary is condensing information and ideas into shorter sentences or paragraphs. A summary is not about adding your own ideas but only presenting details about what the article is all about. If you want to make a great summary, follow these tips.

Best Tips in Writing Summary of an Article

  • You can only make a good summary when you find the main idea of the article. When you get the main idea, write it using your own words. You can make notes or underline the words as long as you are reading so that you will not forget and leave any important details. A summary must include topic sentences and thesis with the use of different words.
  • If you are done reading the article, read what you have listed and start to write using your own words. Be sure to make a summary without leaving the main ideas of the article.
  • It is required to use complete sentence with great transition of words for the reader to understand the summary effectively.
  • Avoid using the same phrase, sentences or words that the author uses. You need to make a summary that is original with same ideas presented in the article. With that in mind, you can use paraphrasing.
  • If you find out unimportant details, leave them out because it is not necessary in auto summarizing. Bear in mind that only important information should be included in your paper since you are writing a summary and not another article.
  • To summarize an article, make sure your sentences are concise and short.

Writing a Summary of Article: What You Should Not Forget

In your first reading, you should not forget to get the main idea. You can know the main idea through the title, place of published and tone of the article.  In your second reading, you should find out about the thesis sentence because it will be the basis in writing a summary.

In order to have a great summary, you need to understand what the article is all about completely. You need to underline the main ideas, make an outline and start writing drafts. Just always remember that a summary is shorter compared to the original article.