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How To Write Summary of a Story

Making a short summary of story is a little tricky because it is important to get enough details. It is necessary to get the essential details of the story at the same time making sure that the story is shorter compared to the original one.

Best Tips to Summary of a Story

Before you begin to summary of story, it is important you fully understand the story. This is essential because you will never make a great summary when you failed to know and understand what the author is trying to say and what summarizing strategies is better to use. Here is what you need to do!

  • Determine the main conflicts of the story. You need to identify the main characters, their desire, what happens and others. In a story, there are numerous levels of conflicts and you need to make many statements that you think important.
  • After you make a list about your statements, you need to choose the most essential statement from your list.
  • The time you determine the main conflict, you need to list the characters in the statement. For each character, you can at least write 3 to 4 descriptions.
  • It is important that you incorporate your statement and characteristics in one statement. You can add additional details if it’s necessary. You need to understand the story fully so that you will not make any mistakes in writing a summary.
  • In all kinds of summaries, it is necessary to write the best summary of the story for the readers to understand your text clearly. Keep in mind that you are making a summary that means it is essential that you only include relevant details. If there are unnecessary details better to remove it.

In conclusion, one of the things you should not forget in writing a summary is consider your audience. You need to make sure they will like your summary for them to have an idea about the original story. You should also avoid in including your own opinion and thoughts because you are not making a story review but you are making a summary story.

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