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How to Write a Summary Essay

In order to make a great summary of an essay, it is required that you clearly understand the essay and you can do this when you entirely read the essay thoroughly. Whether the paper has several pages or few paragraphs, most of the essay summaries are found in paper’s introduction. Here are few tips on how to write a summary of short stories.

Best Tips on How to Write a Summary of an Essay

  • Ask yourself: You need to ask what the essay is trying to tell to you. The essay topic can be about global warming or secondhand smoking and others. This means that you need to be careful in identifying the topic of the essay before you start elaborating details in your summary.
  • Thesis of the essay: It is necessary you can identify the thesis of the essay because it serves as your main argument. It is important you will know the thesis so that readers will not be confused.
  • Look for main arguments: When you are done in identifying the thesis of the essay, this is the time to look for main argument that will support your thesis. It is better when you know the main argument so that you will know if it’s against the thesis or in support.
  • Limit examples: The truth is that you can provide essay summary with examples; however, you should limit the examples you will put. You can include at least one or two examples since you are only making a summary of the original paper.
  • You can end your summary by using a brief sentence about essay’s conclusion.
  • Keep in mind that you should avoid writing your opinions or thoughts. You are only making a summary and not writing a review. Avoid saying whether the paper is poorly written or not because it is no longer a summary.
  • It is important to write about author’s name and title of the essay at the beginning of your summary.

The ways on how to write a good summary essay is somewhat easy when you know what you should do. Just remember that you need to be straight to the point and exclude information that is not important.

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