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How Online Paraphrase Helps with Your Writing Tasks

There are so many reasons for which online paraphrase help should be sort early in your writing engagements. First, it is not nice to copy another author’s work and then present it as yours as that’s known as plagiarism. Plagiarism is an offense in the literary world, and that’s why you need help with summarizing or paraphrasing.

Plagiarism is the act of not giving credence to an author while using the author’s idea as your own. When you use your content in another work, you should acknowledge it also if not it could be considered plagiarism as well. So, what’s the way out of piracy? Paraphrasing is the act of presenting another author’s work in a way that you keep the original line of thought or meaning but displays it in your original context or words. if you need websites that summarize articles, let us know right now.

In paraphrase, you say the same thing but in your own words without the need to cite the author. It makes your work authentic and original. Websites and educational materials need to be genuine always and so to make it possible to use the same content on several websites without having issues with plagiarism then you must paraphrase.

Hence, you need paraphrasing help with writing tasks from the experts if you must succeed. No matter the nature of your writing needs, be it academic or business writing you can trust our expert writing service for the best-written content. Also, check our glossary on tips for IELTS writing task and more.

How to Avoid Plagiarism When Paraphrasing

  • Avoid copying another author’s work word for word: when you copy another author’s work without giving credence that becomes known as plagiarism.
  • Establish knowledge about the original content: first read through the original material on several occasion for clarity and understanding of the author’s line of thought.
  • Select the key concepts: once you have a grasp of the author’s content, then select the keywords or attributes that make up the sentence and then present possible synonyms or phrases to replace those words.
  • Create new sentences: it is best to use author’s line of thought but let it appear in an entirely new format, so it looks different but says the same thing. Remember, always avoid plagiarism.
  • Write an abridged version: learning how to write a good essay (paraphrase) from an already existing content, once you get the picture try to write a different version in a precise and concise manner.

Top 5 Common Mistakes with Online Paraphrase Writing

Poor Understanding of the Original Context

Once your understanding of the author’s original content is wrong, the chances of deviating are higher. Students and others sometimes provide answers to what they assume to be the question without a proper understanding of the problem. Example include questions with discussing, list, mention, enumerate, explain, etc. could be confusing to some students when writing an essay.

Using Similar Content

It is not enough to just change words in an original work as what you get is a poorly written work. In some cases, Copyscape and search engine will see the page as not 100% original. If you can rewrite in your own words, phrases, and context while maintaining the central idea, you get an excellent content.

Online Paraphrasing Tools or Software

Paraphrase online tool or website that paraphrase for you for a fee using text changer are in existence. Unfortunately, such tools do not guarantee 100% authentic content. They do not appropriate words and phrases hence you end up with a poorly paraphrased material.

Watering down the Content

In a bid not to plagiarise some writers make the mistake of saying too little the work loses its spice.

Lengthy Quotations

When citing an author’ work in your written content, it would be out of place to take long quotes from the material. It only creates an impression of lack of originality and personal opinion.

How to Paraphrase an Original Content by Yourself

  • First, ensure to read the original work several times.
  • Each time highlight the fundamental concepts and words you discover.
  • Identify the fundamental concepts such as what is the article about, love and different perspectives on love, threats of nuclear war and man’s inability to pursue peace, etc.
  • Think about the words and phrases that could help you convey the same message but in a different context.
  • Write out your first draft using all the ideas already generated.
  • Follow the conventional essay writing style of introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Give yourself a break and then come back to work.
  • Scan through your work and see how best you can present it.
  • Edit for error, grammar and others.
  • Do the final draft and the format the entire content ready for submission.
  • On the other hand, you can get help with paraphrasing your content or edit your content if you choose to write yourself.
  • It’s always helpful knowing how to use summarising, quoting and other content writing skills to succeed in any writing attempt.
  • A genuinely written content offers more guarantees of plagiarism free content than plagiarism rewriter online.

Differences between APA and MLA to Paraphrase Essay Online

If you intend to seek help to paraphrase essay online or do it yourself the APA or MLA style for citations or referencing is very crucial when acknowledging an author’s work. Sometimes you use direct quotation or restatement of the ideas as used by the author. The American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Languages Association have their citation style.

When paraphrasing in writing and what you seek is for in-text citations for MLA, make use of author’s last name and the page number. APA in-text makes use of author’s last name, year of publication and page number.

For example for in-text citation whether quoting directly or not:


(Frederick 39), (Frederick and Ham 263), (Frederick, Ham and Japheth 362) (Frederick, 39) or (Frederick, 1988, p. 39)
(Frederick & Ham, 263), (Frederick & Ham, p. 362)
(Frederick, Bruce & Ham, 263), (Frederick, Ham & Japheth, p. 362)
When you list sources or an author’s work directly cited in a paper in an alphabetical order it is referred to as works cited.
But when you list sources or author’s work not directly cited in a paper in alphabetical order then refer to it as works consulted.
To list sources or author’s work directly in an alphabetical manner in a paper requires using the term References as the title of the page.
When listing sources or author’s work indirectly but in an alphabetical manner in a paper, you title the page Bibliography.
Citing only one number use, (26), from one sequentially to others use (26-26), from one number to other but not sequentially use (26+)
this means (26, 28, 32, 46)
Citing a single page when quoting use (p. 26) but for multiple quotes use (pp. 26-36)
Author’s last name, first, and or initials of middle name for instance;
Bruce, Stone, Jones or Bruce, Stone, J.
Bruce, S.J.

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