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How Do You Write a Good Summary

How Do You Write a Good Summary?

Ahh, writing a good summary; it’s been the proverbial task that seems to give you a headache every time you attempt it right? What does a summary include? Where to get the best text summarizer? Could there have been something that you missed all along? Perhaps there is and you’ve yet to discover it…

Well, thanks to our online summarizing service, we’re going to get that sorted out in a jiffy! In fact, we are going to do that plus so much more! We’re also going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our service and what we have to offer. And last but not least, set you on the right track on how to summarize an article without plagiarizing. Excited to get started? So are we! Then let’s blast those rockets off and proceed to our destination!

3 Steps to Writing a Good Summary

Now that you plan to put your readers six feet under with a killer summary, we’re here to help you hit the ground running with some six epic tips on what should a summary of a text include! Hence, without further ado, here are the steps to writing a summary:

  • Avoid a rewrite at all costs: Few people are aware of this, but there is a stark difference between how to write a summary for an article and doing a rewrite. In fact, you can confidently say that the two are worlds apart! One thing that confuses most concerning the two is the context. A rewrite is done in the event that you would like to have the same content, but in different words. A summary, on the other hand, is done as a highlight reel; that is, all the key points and objectives of an article or paper are prioritized in the write-up; without necessarily having to keep track of all the sentences that were present in the original. So when it comes to writing a summary, we can confidently say that your creative freedom is not limited. In fact, as long as the key points and objectives can be retrieved, your word utilization and expression is not limited!
  • The shorter it is, the sweeter it brews: Long sentences can be boring, we all know that. But for some strange reason, some of us have this undeniable urge to over-explain everything. Not that it’s wrong or anything; in fact, conversationally, we would applaud that (especially if you’re out on a date and need to keep the conversation going!) But when it comes to writing, and a summary at that, the best way to play it safe is to keep it simple. Why is that? Well, readers are generally attracted to short phrases that hit the nail on the head. Plus we have a concentration span smaller than that of a gold fish, so yeah, there is that as well. Hence to keep readers interested, let your summary be short and simple!
  • Don’t put your opinion into the summary: As much as we have given you the green light in terms of word usage and creative expression, one should simply not cross the line and inject their own thoughts into the summary. Remember, it’s a summary; not your personal journal! So as much as your word play can be all over the place, it’s advisable that your reader does not feel as if they are engaged with your own personal thoughts when reading your summary.

And with the aforementioned tips for writing a summary, don’t you feel like it sounds so much easier? And let’s not forget the most important piece of the puzzle. Practice makes perfect!

So now we bet you’re wondering what we have to offer with our summarizing service as well as our small text generator. Well, below are some FAQs that our past clients have asked before proceeding to place an order. And we are glad to avail them to you to put your mind at ease too!

What file formats are supported?

Because of our international status, we work with almost every file format out there. However, to make compatibility much easier for you, we recommend that you send us documents in .doc formats or PDF formats. These are considered the most widely used formats out there and can make it easier for you as well!

Why should I use manual paraphrasing instead of paraphrasing tools

We’ve all asked ourselves this question before, haven’t we? Especially once we’ve seen the ridiculously low prices that these text spinning tools have to offer compared to manual paraphrasers right? Well, as tempting at it looks, there are quite a number of disadvantages of using these tools as follows:

  • Have no knowledge of phrases: The main difference between a paraphrasing tool and a manual paraphraser is the use of phrases in content and how to reword them. Say for example there is a catch phrase that is considered slang but is tied to a key point. How does the tool recognize the key point if it doesn’t even recognize slang in the first place? Exactly. It will end up omitting the important point. On the other hand, the manual paraphraser perhaps even uses the phrase in his or her day to day life, and will easily recognize and paraphrase it!
  • Some tools miss proofreading features: If you’ve noticed, the most expensive tools are the ones that have proofreading options. Which might even mean you end up spending just as much as you would (or even more!) if you would have accessed a manual paraphraser who does proofreading free of charge.

That being said, for authenticity as well as flow of content, it’s advisable to access the services of a manual paraphraser for any paraphrasing projects you have.

Is paraphrasing legal?

Yes of course! In fact, as long as there is no evidence of intellectual property being stolen (like similar phrases appearing in the content etcetera) and you have appropriately cited your sources, then paraphrasing is completely legal!

What if I’m not satisfied with the final result?
In the slim chance that there is a meteor heading for earth right now and that you are not satisfied with the end result, we offer you a money-back guarantee that makes you not spend a dime for content that you are not pleased with. How convenient is that?
Who are the writers that I am going to be working with?
We have assembled an A-Team writing department that consists of academic writing experts, journalists, and bloggers to handle the particulars of your project depending on its field of focus. So you can rest assured that your content is in the hand of certified professionals!

That being said, we bet we have answered most of the burning questions you had right? However, in case you have another question you’d like clarified, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team for more assistance. Our summary writing service also offers great summarization examples for you to go through!

So get in touch with us if you’d like professional help in writing a good summary and we will immediately assist you!