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Find out How to Write a Newspaper Article Summary

A news report is one of the most important parts or sections of the newspaper because it allows people understand the gist of the news without having to read the whole content. In this case, you can help, especially those who don’t have much time in reading the news. Here are some useful tips, which may assist or guide you in writing the summary of a news article.

Understand How to Write Newspaper Article Summary

This is the shortened form of the most important details or information in an article, but writing such will require you of the basic formats and elements to include in the summary.  In this case, you have to determine what to include and what not to include in your summary. One thing more is to know the information source because you will have to mention the sources of where you have obtained the details in the news summary. You should also include the publication that this news article is published or printed in.

Writing by understanding what a news article summary is:

Write the Newspaper Article Summary. Learn the Inverted Style

The inverted pyramid style is your most important information that begins with the most to the least essential information. Pick out the information you want to include in your news article summary. Pick out the 5Ws and 1H (what, where, when, why, who and how).

Look up for these questions before writing the newspaper article summary!

Know the Lead for the News Article Summary

What is the lead of the article? You will have to highlight it. Usually, you can find it under the headline of the article or the beginning paragraph of it.  This section usually tells the reader what the entire news is all about. You will have to find this essential gist so that you can write important keywords to use as a reference later.

Figure out the lead for the news article summary today!

Outline Information in the Newspaper Article Summary

Determine which most important details you want to include in your summary are, and depending on the length of the article, you should be able to have at least three paragraphs. You should not have more than three points per paragraph, though.

Write the newspaper article summary based on the outline now!

Make the Final Copy of the News Article Summary

Finalize the summary based on your outline, but be clear, short and concise helping your readers understand the entire message of the news without having to read the whole news story. Make sure that your science article summary is attention-grabbing and pleasing to read. By saying that means you should also learn how to make use of strong words and correct grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. You should not only rewrite or reword the news, but you should be able to write based on what you understood.

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