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FAQs on How Do I Summarize an Article

Many people are asking themselves how I summarize an article. The truth is that you should not just make a shorter version of the original passage because you need to get the important points. With article summaries tool, it allows you to have a clear and awesome summary.

Tips for Summarize an Article for Me

What should I do first?

Before you begin, you need to read the entire article first. You need to scan and highlight all the major points. It is better when you write down and ask yourself what is the purpose of your article. You also need to keep in mind about the hypothesis or thesis statement. You need to highlight all supporting points.

What is taking notes and what to do?

The time you are done in marking all the main points, make sure to read it sincerely and pay close to all details.
In the process of taking notes, you need to use your own words. Make sure to write any important facts and interesting information. By using your own words, you are minimizing the accident of making plagiarism.

How can I make the summarization effective?

It is also important to understand the purpose of the article so that you can able to make a good summary. You need to omit unnecessary information and include only those are relevant. Be sure to focus on the important ones.

What is the bibliographic info?

Introducing bibliographic information is important. You need to mention the full title of your article as well as the author’s complete name.

In the introduction, you need to put the topic and the thesis. In the first paragraph of summary, you are required to mention the topic of the article as well as the thesis statement. It is important that there is a connection on every summary you make.

One of the things you should not forget is to include supporting information. Make sure to review the notes you have. Take note that you only need to include crucial details to develop an understanding of the article’s contents.

You should do your best on “how do I summarize an article” and believe that you can able to do it with the help of the presented tips above!