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It has never been easy summarizing a multi page document, but with the help of these guys I was able to get it done in a very timely manner. It was great and the efficiency of the results are overwhelming. I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing a summarize tool.

FAQs about Auto Summarizer

Auto summarizer at Your Convenience

It is essential to use a concise way of expressing major concepts as the main element of summaries is brevity. Auto summarizer takes into consideration that the main points must be preserved for readers to understand what is being discussed. There are several offers of auto summarizer online but there are some general questions that usually follow these offers.

  • What is the process of using auto summarize online?

The automatic article summarizer operates first to indentify document key points. It works ideally on documents that are well-structured like scientific-based papers, articles and reports. The key points are determined when an analysis of the document is done and a score assigned to each of the sentences. Any sentence that have words that are frequently used throughout the document is allotted higher score range. The percentage of sentences that score the highest are selected to be included in your summary.

  • What is the process for ordering a paper with automatic summarizer?

For first time orders with auto summarizer, you follow three steps and you are done. Login in and click on ‘Order Now’. You then submit whatever the instructions are and select your preferred deadline. The last step requires selecting ‘Confirm’. Your work is almost ready.

  • What is the guarantee that the summary will not be plagiarized?

We use automatic article summarizer to reduce the words and sentences while maintaining salient points. The next step is to change the wording from that of the original author. To further avoid plagiarism, you are required to add your personal touch to the material and look at it again.

  • Is confidentiality guaranteed?

The material that you submit and the one returned to you will be seen only by you. We our service is 100% confidential.

  • What is the method for paying for the paper I order?

The payment options are found on our website at your convenience. You select the type of payment you prefer and we will honor it.