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Book Summary Service for Authors

Summarizing a book is the process of presenting a focused overview of a book. A book summary provides a short descriptive commentary of the piece to potential readers, giving them some wholesome insight into the book’s focus. Summarizing a book is a common task for writers, college students, and research assistants.

You can learn how to effectively summarize a book with the tips you are about to read. Get high-grade summarizing text result in order to meet your expectations.

Book Summary Definition

The summary of a book is simply a digest of all its main points. Usually a much shorter version of the book, a book summary seems to project the book’s subject matter, ideas, concepts and main arguments in a short compendium. A book summary should capture the purpose of the book, including its most important parts. Smaller details of the book and illustrative examples are to be left out. If you also need a quality online summary tool, just click here.

In a book summarizing, you are expected to express and recast the content of the original materials in your own words. Collecting vital parts of the book is not ideal, as it would simply become an extract, instead of a summary. A book summary should give a reasonable and impartial account of the content of the original, without bias or value judgments. Adding your own opinions to the book will simply make it a book review instead of a summary.

How to Summarize a Book

  • Before you commence, you should have an idea of the kind of summary you are writing and how long it should be. You may begin by reviewing several examples of summaries from the field in which you are working. Alternatively, you can set for yourself a word limit. Next would be to create an outline plan.
  • Next, check the book’s table of content for an idea of the structure and nature of topics it covers.
  • After this has been done, it’s now time to scan and skim through the book quickly for a rough idea of its subject matter and scope. With this, you now have a general idea of what to cover as you begin the summary task.
  • It’s time for note-taking. The notes at this point may not be grammatically complete or properly formed, but do not worry. These are the raw materials you need for your finished summary.
  • Your main task in a book summarizing is to capture the content’s general outline. The seriousness of the task will determine the amount of effort you will put into creating the summary as well as the amount of time you have at your disposal to do the job.
  • Make a list of the topics covered by the book, or better still, put it in a diagram. You can make a picture of boxes or a spider diagram. Visualizing ideas are better for non-literary people who work best with diagrams.
  • There are sentences that signal the main points and lines of arguments. These are what you should look for. Usually the first sentence of a paragraph, they are the main points that get explained in the remaining of the texts in books with quality writing.
  • Next, write out what you identified in each section in one or two sentences. Let your attention be focused on the main points, leaving out the illustrations and the examples. Overcome the temptation of stuffing your work with minor details or explanation of points. Remember, your goal is to shorten a book and not to fill up space.
  • Work through the text to identify its main sections or arguments. These might be summarized as short paragraphs. Remember that the purpose and definition of a paragraph is that it deals with one issue or topic.
  • Identify the main sections in the text and summarize them in short paragraphs. Each paragraph should deal with one issue or topic.

Writing the Summary

After reading the book, arrange the fragments of points, observations, notes, and sentences you have jotted down into a logical or persuasive order, making it quite easy to read. You are not strictly required to follow the same structure and sequence as was in the original book unless you are likely to miss the book’s message if you do. Book summaries are supposed to read as an independent piece of writing.

These tips can also be effectively used in short story summary. Stories are actually much easier to summarize than books with ideologies, principles or methodologies. This is because stories can be told in one’s own words and with lesser attention to terminologies and keywords.

A book summary service is a company specialized in a book summarizing of all kind of books. They understand the technicalities of book summaries and apply the rules of a summary to creatively provide a summary of their clients’ materials.

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