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All About Newspaper Article Summary

If you need to summarize a newspaper article, you need to make sure you perfectly demonstrate what the article is all about. You need to present the main ideas so that the readers will know what they should expect about the article. To know more tips, check this out because it helps you in making a wonderful text summary of your own.

Writing Newspaper Article Summary Tips

  • Read the newspaper article title, sub-title as well as the first paragraph in order to know what the main point of the author is. You can take notes on it or underline to serve as your future references whenever you forget it.
  • It is important you completely check the newspaper article. You need to read the headings and the subheadings. Check out if there are graphs, charts, photograph captions and others because it helps you in getting a good overview about the newspaper article trajectory. This also allows you to have better notes.
  • Be sure you thoroughly read the article. You should take notes about supporting details, arguments and conclusions. For other articles, there are paragraphs that are short and what you need to do is to get the main idea.
  • Make an outline to organize your ideas. You should put the main idea in the beginning and followed by supporting information in intuitive order. As much as possible, be sure to refrain from the words of the author. It is better when you use your own words. If there are words that can’t be changed, use quotation marks but only to this when you cannot fully changed the details.
  • Using your outline, you can now begin to make your own first draft of your summary. Do not forget the state article’s title, main point and author’s name to be followed by points that you have listed in your outline. Avoid presenting only list since you are auto summarizing.
  • It is better when you use verbs and concrete noun as well as clear sentences in writing the summary of the newspaper article.

When it comes to summary of newspaper article, always get the main idea and take notes on it. After that, create your own outline and you are now reader to start writing the summary of the article. Follow the tips so that you will not make any mistakes or try our auto summary online right now!