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7 Reasons to Use Article Summarizing Service

If your goal is to drive traffic to your site using article writing, then you’ve got to learn how to effectively summarize articles for the purpose of driving traffic. In this article, you will learn the basics of article summary, how to use the article summarizing services and websites that summarize articles. Come to us if you want to get the best results with your writing a summary of an article.

To begin with, let’s discuss the three steps to basic article summary:

Step 1 – Clearly state the issue

What are you writing about? When you state the subject matter of the article clearly, the reader can easily have an understanding of what the rest of the article is about. Curious clickers may have their uses but they aren’t really your targets here, are they? Well, the best way to reduce the curious clickers and increase the clickers that know what they want is by writing a good summary. Be clear and specific. The first sentence of your summary is supposed to achieve this objective for you.

Step 2 – Mention that you have the solution

Just like writing a kind of business proposal right? You just stated the issue or the problem. Give them the good news, you have the solution! It could be some valuable information that they are looking for or some product or service. You have what they are looking for. Make this known in as few words as possible – and in a friendly way.

Step 3 – Finish the summary with a question

If you are writing the article for the purpose of generating traffic, you don’t want to give away all the information in the summary. The more accurate word for the summary is a teaser – an appetizer of words. A teaser is supposed to help you get more page views because the web visitor will have to click on your title to read about the solutions you have to offer. End the summary with a question that will make the reader click through to the full article. The reader is meant to be seduced into visiting your website to read more about what you got. So visitor reads the teaser summary and is enticed to click to read more. When he does and is impressed with what he sees, he takes the action you want him to use the closing call-to-action in the article. Still searching for help with your summary? Ask a professional summary maker right now.

The Skimming and Scanning Skills in Summarizing

If you want to be a pro in article summary, learn the skimming and scanning skills. You will need to practice these skills a lot before you can become great in them but if you have the right orientation and use the right strategies, you will find yourself summarizing quickly and effectively soon enough. While it’s generally easy to skim and scan information, you must know how to get the sequence right and know what to place where in order to be efficient and effective in it. You start by taking a look at the chapter titles briefly to understand the message. Then you read the relevant sections to answer your study objectives, keeping in mind what you are looking for.

Now scan the paragraphs and sections, searching for key terms and phrases. Headings, sub-headings and bolded words are easy markers to points and will help you avoid some heavy reading. With scanning, you can get basic orientation you need before you gather the information for the summary writing. Finally, start the summary. Ensure you use your own words all the way. Ensure you use shorter words, phrases, and sentences to interpret the information you just gathered. Now, re-read your text, comparing them with the original text.

Too Busy to Summarize?

You can still get your summary done, if you’re too busy to dedicate time to summarize your text or if you’re not just good at it. One of the great resources you can fall back to is the websites that summarize articles. These are online facilities that are built with programs that make an automatic readable summary of any text you place on the site. I have used them before and the speed with which they summarize articles is amazing!

You may also want to employ an article summarizing service. These are services online provided by well-equipped seasoned professionals who have skills and experience summarizing all kind of content.

7 Advantages of Using Article Summarizing Services

  • They are humans: you are not just subscribing to some automated systems that would just summarize any garbage you threw in. These people actually take time to read, apply the principles and get your job done
  • They understand article summarizing: they probably have been doing this for a long while and know just how to reduce a 500 pages book into just 500 words with all the points covered!
  • They have the tools: article summarizing services providers have a number of custom and general software they use to make their job easier. Bet they use those better than you.
  • They are also an article rewriting service: sometimes you need the work rewritten. They just make it better than the original text…with the same information of course.
  • They are versatile. people who have written across many different fields is sure to deliver whatever you provide satisfactorily
  • They are affordable: pretty much like hiring a VA online. They just do the job for a fraction of what it costs ideally.
  • Article summarizing service providers are always available at your beck and call. It’s their job, they are available to serve.

Steps to Take When Summarizing a Book

Summarizing is one of the skills you need to master a book. A book you summarized, you can analyze. Other skills you may need as you try to master a book included analysis, discussion, paraphrasing and detailed study.

Now here are a few steps to take when summarizing a book:

  • Before you begin, be sure of the kind of summary you want to do. What is the word count/length of the summary? Give yourself a target.
  • Check your book for a table of contents for an idea of its structure as well as the nature of the topics it covers.
  • Scan through the book quickly to understand its subject and scope.
  • Take notes. These notes are raw materials from which the finished summary will be written
  • Ensure you capture the general outline of the contents as you write.
  • You can visualize your summary by drawing up a list of the topics the book covers a table or a diagram.
  • Take special notes of the topic sentences that signal the main lines of arguments. Focus on the main point, leaving out illustrations and examples.

So what are you waiting for?Avail yourself of the best article summarizing service ever!