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10 Tips on How to Summarize a Novel

In order to make a good summary and satisfy your readers, it is essential you can able to make a wonderful newspaper articles summary. Many people are having a mistake in writing a summary and in order to avoid it, here is what they can do:

Top Tips on How to Summarize a Novel

  • To summarize a novel, you should get the main idea of the novel. If it’s possible, you can set your word limit so that your summary is not too much long. It is important that you have your own outline plan.
  • Check the novel table of contents. With it, it gives you ideas about what are the main points or what the novel is all about. It gives you knowledge about the structure and the novel coverage.
  • The next thing you need to do is to have an idea about the subject and scope of the novel quickly. This will help you in getting a general idea and if the novel has chapters, it allows you to set headings for your plan.
  • While you are reading the novel, it is important that you start making notes. Do not worry if your notes are not well-formed or grammatically complete because it will only your basis in auto summarizing and it is not the one that you will submit.
  • Make sure you draw lists of topics of what the covers of the novel. You can also make a diagram because sometimes it’s a great approach for non-literary individuals.
  • Look for topic sentences because you use it in the first sentence of your paragraph. After that, you should expand the topic sentence.
  • Write 1 or 2 sentences for each section you will identify and focus only on the main points
  • Avoid filling out your summary with minor details. Always focus on the major information.
  • Read thoroughly the novel to know the arguments and main sections.
  • Before you submit your summary, be sure to edit and proofread it.

These are the best you can follow whenever you need to summarize a novel. You will never make an exceptional summary for your readers when you failed to know what to do and what you should not do. Try our auto summarizer today, we know all those tricks!

Find out how to summarize a novel and you will be really glad about what you will find here!