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10 Tips For Writing A Good Summary

Writing a good summary only means that you fully understand the paper and you can able to communicate with readers clearly. Bear in mind that a summary paper is tricky if it’s your first time because you need to make sure you will not include other information. However, by following these tips for writing a good summary, you will have a wonderful summary.

Tips For Summarizing

  • Divide the sections: It is important that you dive sections of the paper. You need to focus on the headings as well as its subheadings. It is necessary that you clearly understand the paper before you begin to summarize the paper.
  • Read: If you are ready in summarizing, this is the time to read the paper. At this point, you just need to read the paper and get author’s main idea, style and tone. What you need to do is to read straight through.
  • Re-read: Reading is essential when you are summarizing. It is important that you read again the paper and underline key facts and topic sentences. You need to make a label on what information you want to get and what you should avoid.
  • Get main idea: After you divide the paper into sections. This is the time to get the main idea and make it into one developed sentence. Be sure you put the key points and not minor details.
  • Write a thesis statement: One of the tips for writing summary is to have well written summary. You need to review your sentences and with it, you should create a thesis statement. Make sure that your sentences address all key points.
  • Begin to write: You already have your first draft and you can use the thesis statement as your introductory sentence. Arrange your sentences so that it will flow smoothly. You can add transitions like moreover, also or however.
  • Check for accuracy
  • Revise
  • End with a strong conclusion
  • Reread again

There you go the best tips in order to make a wonderful summary of your own. It is your best help so that you will know what you will do. Start to use text summarizing tools today and impress your readers.